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Raham started its activity as a provider of high-speed Internet (ISP) and was able to provide the first line of Leased Line in Iran. In the same years, opened the second Electronic-Internet library of Tehran. After years of activity in this field, the Electronic-Internet library has expanded to an internet-based provider of on-line and non-public Internet services, along with the provider of network services, security and information technology as an independent and separate team. "Raham Communication", which is currently using Iranian forces and other countries such as Canada and providing services to many companies and organizations. After a year, according to the needs of companies and organizations, having an advertising and marketing team, it introduced a team called Raham Design, which provided services such as design, printing, branding, electronic-commerce promotion, designing Site and app, programming, and more. Raham Design quickly grew up with regard to showing a lot of rallies, until finally the "Raham Team", together with each other, managed to locate their second branch in Toronto, Canada. Our vision is to provide more services in accordance with the needs of the day with the number of branches in cities and countries.

The goal of Raham Team is to provide the best service with the lowest cost and most creativity.

We are proud to be with you, your company or your organization. Walk with us to smart yourself.